As trees age and mature, they can often outgrow their space – especially in urban surroundings – and thereby interfere with people, property or infrastructure. Through the natural process of growth and dieback, as well as through damage caused by storms, pests or disease, they can even become dangerous. All of these problems and more can be remedied by Tree pruning, cutting and trimming performed by JWT Tree Services Ltd, who are professional tree surgeons, offering the following services throughout Edinburgh, Midlothian, West Lothian and East Lothian:

Crown Reduction

The reduction of upper and outer branches using natural target pruning techniques to make the overall crown of the tree smaller.

Crown Lifting

Removing or pruning lower branches to allow clearance below the tree.

Crown Thinning

Removing inner branches, making the crown of the tree less dense and allowing more light to pass through.

Thank you for doing such a fine job of the trees today. The garden looks great, will always keep you in mind for future work and will certainly give recommendations of your work.Karen, Bonnyrigg

Fruit Tree Pruning

Formative pruning to manage the size, shape and productivity of the trees.

Removing Dead or Damaged Branches

Dead, damaged or dangerous branches are safely removed from the tree to reduce the risk of injury to pedestrians or damage to property and vehicles from falling branches.

Formative Tree Pruning

Ongoing and regular pruning of a tree to manage and maintain its size, shape and structural integrity.

Crown Reshaping

In crown reshaping, the height and/or spread of one or more portions of the tree crown are selectively reduced, while not necessarily reducing the height and spread of the tree.

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