Tree Stump Removal, Edinburgh

Our experienced team based in Edinburgh, we work with domestic and commercial clients across Scotland. Our services include stump grinding and eco plug stump treatment. 

JWT Tree Services Ltd provides a tree stump removal service as part of their overall tree services that are available across Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland.  Removing tree stumps can free up more space in your garden, which you can reclaim for other plants. Tree stumps can also be unsightly or hazardous, and, in some cases, prevent or hinder the building of fences, walls, paths or other structures. Hiring a professional tree surgeon means that you can expect expert removal and care, reducing any unnecessary damage to other plants as well as the surrounding area. 

Tree Stump Removal Techniques

Our team of qualified and trained professionals in Edinburgh are equipped to remove stumps of all sizes.

Stump Grinding

Stumps including buttress roots are ground out to a depth of 300 mm below ground level using a specialist stump grinding machine. Our tree surgeons use a specialised stump grinding machine with a cutting wheel. This rapidly cuts away the wood of the stump, and the buttress roots below. 

Stump Treatment (Herbicide)

This is used to prevent the stump from sprouting new vegetation. 

A number of Glyphosate herbicide – Eco Plug Max – plugs, similar to rawlplugs in size and appearance, are fitted into pre-drilled holes around the stump, which will then release herbicide in order to help prevent regrowth.


Excellent service. Arrived on time and job carried out quickly. Very efficient and all chippings removed and garden left looking tidy and clean. Would recommend thoroughly.Rosemary Haycox

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